The Stellar Collective offers bespoke in-house legal solutions to amazing businesses.

And you’re thinking: ‘what’s so special about that?’ Well, thanks to our agile, transparent and fresh approach, you get all the benefits of expert legal advice, without the hassle of hiring an in-house lawyer or having to deal with a law firm. Our founder has over 25 years of industry-leading in-house experience, and saw a need for a more affordable, more accessible, more flexible and more straight-talking way of providing legal support to businesses.

And so The Stellar Collective was born.

If you need legal support from someone who will work as part of your organisation, yet don’t want the overhead of employing a lawyer on a permanent or full time basis, or the cost and hassle of instructing a law firm, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Traditional in-house legal support, without the traditional headache


No recruitment fees or overhead costs, so you’ll save loads of cash

Direct access

A go-to legal person to contact directly with your queries, whenever you need help


We can work with your business in whatever way best suits you


We’re allergic to bureaucracy and red tape – let’s speak to each other like human beings

About us

We’re straight-talking, so you’ll receive clear advice without any legal jargon.

We’re approachable, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

We’re passionate about supporting you on your journey.

We’re collaborative and will work with you to understand your needs.

We’re creative and like thinking through legal problems to find solutions.

We know from experience what type of legal help businesses need and how best to give targeted support in the most cost-effective way.

Our founder

Paul qualified as a Solicitor, England & Wales in 1993 having trained with a London City law firm.

He has a master’s degree (LL.M) in International Business Law and 25 years of in-house commercial legal and compliance experience, gained from working in the UK, Europe and the Middle East with a variety of companies, from large multi-nationals to smaller family-owned businesses, and predominantly in the IT, telecoms, manufacturing & technology and oil services sectors.

He most recently acted as regional and global General Counsel for companies in the technology and oil services sectors, based in Dubai and Europe.

Now based in the UK, through The Stellar Collective he provides in-house support to a range of companies, small and large, locally and globally.


Support can be arranged on an ad-hoc/ one-off basis or by way of a retainer so that you will have regular day-to-day support.

Costs will be simple and transparent, and a fraction of what a law firm would charge.

As well as the usual range of commercial in-house legal support, help is offered with the type of things for which you wouldn’t normally consider instructing a law firm, such as a strategic review of your legal needs, through to simple tasks like writing a letter or proof-reading a document.

We also have a network (hence the ‘collective’) of contacts, from specialists in the contracts and compliance fields, to global and regional law firms, and in the wider business fields of finance and media, who can be brought in to help as and when required. So if you need to know about arbitration in Switzerland, or want to set up a company in Dubai, or if you need some help in your finance team, or if disaster strikes and you want some advice on how to deal with a tricky media situation, we can arrange that.

Some of what we do

  1. 1 Go-to person for all of your company’s legal requirements
  2. 2 Traditional in-house legal services
  3. 3 Broad spread of commercial legal work undertaken directly
  4. 4 External law firm selection and management
  5. 5 Internal legal team structuring, recruitment, management and mentoring
  1. 6 Negotiation/renegotiation of law firm fees
  2. 7 Putting in place internal policies and procedures
  3. 8 Reviewing standard terms and conditions
  4. 9 Anti-bribery policies, procedures and training
  5. 10 KYC and due diligence policies, procedures, training and active DD support